Hotel Feni: The Ultimate in Comfort

Our Hotel has many car parking spaces, and our reception desk operates 24/7.

Our rooms are completely renovated. Be the first to use them!

Restaurants and Reception Halls

        Our daily restaurant can accommodate up to 200 guests at any time and also provides various types of Macedonian cuisine.

        There are a total of 4 reception halls at our hotel. According to your needs, you can have up to 500 guests in our largest hall, 100 guests in our conference centre, 50 guests within our mini hall and about 200 guests in our daily restaurant. Our daily restaurant can also be used for your reception needs (weddings, conference’s, seminar’s etc). Our daily restaurant is also equipped with its own private VIP dining room for up to 20 guests.

New!!! -

Our hotel is completely renovated. Be the first one to use the brand new interior and accessories at our hotel premises.